Acquisition of Portuguese Nationality – Sephardic Jews

For the descendants of Portuguese Sephardic Jews (being Sephardic Jews the descendants of the ancient Jews of Portugal and Spain), the acquisition of Portuguese nationality depends on the following requirements: a) Those who are of majority age or emancipated in the light of Portuguese legislation; b) Those who have not been convicted, with a sentence […]

New regimes for visas and residence permits from October 1st

The Regulatory Decree 9/2018, of 11 September establishes new rules on the granting of visas and residence permits. The new provisions aim to respond to some of the difficulties that have been felt, adapting the current law to the new economic and social dynamics, streamlining established procedures. Thus, among other measures, the Decree establishes: 1) […]

Social Protection for Crew members – New Law

On the 17th of March was published the *new Law which establishes mandatory social regime for crew members of the vessels registered in MAR. Source: Diário da República * Article avaible in Portuguese only. Contact us for more information.

European Commission approves Regime IV of the International Business Centre of Madeira

SDM is pleased to announce that the European Commission has formally authorized Regime IV of the International Business Centre of Madeira (IBCM). Under the terms approved by the EC, companies licensed to operate within the framework of the IBCM will enjoy until the end of the year 2027 a reduced corporate tax rate of 5%, […]