New allocation rules of the “Golden Visa” – Portugal

The ARI program has changed (Law No. 63/2015, 30 June), aiming to increase the range of eligible investment activities and situations covered by the right to family reunification. Therefore, the following investment activities became eligible for the attribution of “Golden Visa”: The transfer of capital in an amount equal or greater than € 1.000.000,00; The creation […]

New Regime – Madeira Free Trade Zone

The Law 64/2015, of July 1 (in portuguese), approving the IV Regime for the tax benefits of the International Business Centre of Madeira (IBC), was published. Thus it becomes possible the licensing and installation of new entities within the institutional framework of the IBC under the new regime. According to the terms of the IV […]

Retired foreigners are eligible for income tax exemption.

Retired foreigners are eligible for income tax exemption The Parliament approved an amendment to the Tax Code – Income and Gains of Individuals, in order to allow retired foreigners who spend part of the year in Portugal, to receive their pensions free of income taxes. The “Jornal de Negócios” informs today that “foreigners who spend part of the year in Portugal […]

Information about Residence Permit.

New legal provisions provide the possibility for those who pursue investment activities in Portugal to apply for a Residence Permit, for example, those who transfer capital, create jobs or acquire real estate. The holders of a Golden Residence Permit for the purposes of investment activity have the right to family regrouping, and may gain access […]