Acquisition of Portuguese Nationality – Sephardic Jews

(Published on 06/11/2018)

For the descendants of Portuguese Sephardic Jews (being Sephardic Jews the descendants of the ancient Jews of Portugal and Spain), the acquisition of Portuguese nationality depends on the following requirements:

a) Those who are of majority age or emancipated in the light of Portuguese legislation;

b) Those who have not been convicted, with a sentence transited in rem judicatum, with a prison sentence of 3 years or more;

c) Those who do not constitute a danger or threat to national security or defense, for their involvement in activities related to the practice of terrorism, in accordance with the respective law.

The Government can grant nationality by naturalization to descendants of Portuguese Sephardic Jews by demonstrating the tradition of belonging to a Sephardic community of Portuguese origin, based on proven objective requirements of connection to Portugal, namely surnames, family language, direct or collateral descent.

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