BREXIT – Rights and Relevant Dates

(Published on 18/02/2019)

With BREXIT just around the corner, there are still some doubts about the hole process. However, the Portuguese Government presented, on 11th January 2019, a Contingency Plan for United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union on “Citizens’ Rights”.

About the Residence Rights in Portugal for United Kingdom Nationals after the United Kingdom’s Withdrawal from the European Union (Brexit), please follow the link:

You can also follow the updates through the hashtag created by the Portuguese Government: #KEEPCALMYOUSTAY

Nevertheless, we highlight the relevant dates established in the Withdrawal Agreement:

29 March 2019, 23h00 (WET) – United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union
29 March 2019, 23h01 (WET) – Beginning of the transition period
31 December 2020– End of the transition period

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