In most cases, the Portuguese Law requires that, foreigners from countries outside the European Union present a visa to enter Portugal. Depending on the objectives of the foreign citizen, this visa may be for a short-term, temporary stay or residence.

Residence Certificates

EU citizens have the right to reside in Portugal, for a period of up to three months, without other conditions and formalities other than holding a valid identity document (identity card, citizen card or passport). The same principle applies to family members of EU citizens who, in possession of a valid passport, accompany him or join him. If the stay in Portugal lasts for more than three months, they must register to formalize their right of residence.

Fiscal representation

Those who are not resident in Portugal but who need to establish a legal or fiscal relationship acquire real estate or shareholdings or any other nature in Portugal; need to have a fiscal representative, which can be a legal entity or an individual with fiscal address in Portugal. Fiscal representation is the link between the non-resident taxpayer and the Portuguese Fiscal Authorities, the appointed fiscal representative has, in practical terms, the role of the taxpayer’s local attorney for all fiscal matters when dealing with the Fiscal Authorities.

Family Office

Family reunification, transfer of tax residence, framework, treatment and filling of annual taxes, annual obligations, bureaucratic processes and formalizations with public entities, opening of bank accounts, etc. Our structure allows us to assist in all the processes identified above, regardless of the nationality of the person in question.

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