In the IBC it is possible to register companies already existing or the ones to be incorporated, as well as branches, in Portugal or abroad. In order to accelerate the incorporation and registration process, it was created the Private Deeds Registry Office, consisting of the Notary office and the Commercial registry, totally exempt of notary and registration fees.

New Company, IBC Incorporation process:

Name approval: A name approval certificate and a provisional identification card must be requested to the National Company Register (RNPC – Registo Nacional de Pessoas Colectivas), the request may be made through the internet. These documents must be requested by either a shareholder of the company to be formed or by a duly authorized entity. The certificate is valid for 180 days for registration purposes and for one year after the company incorporation.

Company Incorporation – must be requested to the Private Deeds Registry Office, and the following documentation must be submitted:

(a) Company name approval certificate;

(b) Provisional company identification card;

(c) Copy of the identification documents of the applicants;

(d) Report from the Official Account Auditor for capital shares entrances in goods;

(e) Licence and Authorization from the Regional Secretary for Planning and Finance.

Declaration of beginning of activity:

Companies must declare the beginning of activity at the local tax dependency. They must submit the declaration before the beginning of the activity or within 90 days to the RNPC registration.

Social Security Registration:

Companies must proceed with the registration at the Regional Social Security Centre within 30 days of the beginning of activity.