“Moving to Portugal” Seminars 31st October 2018

(Published on 06/12/2018)

On October 31st 2018 the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in UK organised the 6th edition of the popular Moving to Portugal Seminars at the Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel, in London.

Post Brexit, the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in the UK has noticed a growing demand from the British public for more information about Portugal’s Non-Habitual Tax regime, which is very attractive to those planning to retire abroad to Portugal or restructure their businesses.

As a member of the Chamber since 2015, TPMC was invited to participate, alongside with the real estate company YPP Your Private Property, to answer the visitors’ questions about any potential move to Portugal. The event was a success, counted with 786 attendees and 38 walk-ins on the day of the event, check out some of the pictures of MTP’s 6th edition.

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